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Anglian Water
Core Provision
SCR Systems
Ancilliary Provision
Supporting Structure, Walkways, Gantries etc

Anglian Water, Canwick

Anglian Water use their Perkins 2806-E18TAG 18.1 Ltr diesel generator to provide backup power and TRIAD management for their Canwick water treatment facility. GTL Systems supplied and installed an SCR exhaust gas treatment system to allow compliance with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

As well as the SCR itself, GTL also designed, manufactured and installed all of the supporting structures, AdBlue tanks, access and roof-access platforms

AdBlue Injector

Here you can see the AdBlue injector for the SCR unit.  AdBlue (aqueous amonia) is a reactant in the chemical reduction of several oxides of nitrogen.

As well as the SCR, GTL Systems also designed, fabricated and installed Adblue tanks at the Bracknell site.


We designed a bespoke SCR system to fit to Anglian Water’s GenSet, along with the AdBlue tanks, support framework and ancillary access platforms, gantries and ladders.


We fabricated the SCR and all supporting structures.


We began installation at the Bracknell site in 2017, with completion in 2018